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The Kids Wellness Community Foundation Inc

Mental health and wellness for children and blended families

Our Services

We formulate workable solutions for each family to develop positive communication skills and address issues that may affect emotional growth. Statistical data shows that 78% of blended families have been able to form stronger bonds after completing these programs, such as Behavioral Therapy and Neuro-linguistic Programming.

Mother Connections

A mother’s role is crucial in a child’s development of emotional stability and wellbeing. She is a child's first cheerleader, which makes the child more confident when they are on their own. Parents set healthy boundaries to keep them safe.

Father Connections

DEVELOPING THE BOND BETWEEN FATHER AND CHILD: Each child’s attention is met by scheduling everyday activity, giving both the biological and step-children an equal chance of engagement.  Fathers play an essential role in developing a child's emotional well-being. They also look to their fathers for the feeling of security, both physical and emotional. Studies show that when fathers are affectionate and supportive, it tremendously affects their cognitive and social development. It also boosts self-confidence.

Bonuses Matter!

Offering a creative platform for bonus parents and children to build healthy relationships.

Individual and Family Services

We help families and/or individuals identify their goals and help establish new routines and behaviors that help the family achieve positive change.

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