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The Kids Wellness Community Foundation Inc

Mental health and wellness for children and blended families

The Kids Wellness Community

Bringing Families Together!

What We Do

 Established in 2019, the Kids Wellness Community is working to ensure that kids and their families have stable and emotionally healthy futures. We would join with the community to ignite Change within families that have the desire or lack the resources to be able to thrive and be emotionally well. Our programs and resources would help kids throughout the country and their families by providing the tools they would need to succeed.

Our Vision

Our goal is to bring young minds awareness of who they are and who they can be by unpacking emotional, mental, and social barriers. The Kids’ Wellness Community will help children and families in any capacity of a blended family to realize their full potential in a caring, judgment-free environment.”

Meet Our CEO Tramaine

Tramaine Jones-Charles is a certified Life Coach for Behavioral Therapy and Neuro-linguistic Programming. Her life goal is to assist children and blended families in any capacity with mental wellness. 

           Tramaine is also currently pursuing her license to be a certified Counselor. Years of work experience has given her a knack for identifying people in need of support during difficult moments in life. Her passion for people keeps her devoted to this calling.

           Tramaine enjoys listening to music, watching movies, and painting in her spare time as a form of relaxation. Her passion for helping blended families comes from her deep desire to offer alternative solutions to the challenges of those living in a blended family. 

Born in 1986 in Guyana, South America, Tramaine was raised in the US from the age of 11. Having been raised in a blended family, she understands the challenges experienced by these families. She hopes that through her company, she will support and service blended families around the country. Tramaine is married and has four beautiful daughters, a bonus son and dog Lux.

My Blended Family

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